kids summer camp 2019

Jesus is pictured in Hebrews as the author or pioneer of our faith. He has blazed the only trail that leads to eternal life with the Father. But before Jesus came into this world in human form, many others had already been preparing the way for His arrival. They were men and women who knew very few details about when and how Jesus might come, but they acted faithfully to do their parts to clear the path for God’s Son . This year at kids camp we will present these great trailblazers of the faith in the context of the great trailblazers of the early days of America. Men and women sacrificed to clear a way for others to be able to settle and thrive in the new frontier beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Yet, without brave men who would scout the best way over mountains and across rivers, many lives would have been lost. Campers will be able to make the connection from the pioneers’ physical trailblazing to God’s family’s spiritual trailblazing to prepare for Jesus.